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To create the most comfortable staples in sustainable fabrics, kinder to your body, kinder to our environment. Our mission is to empower our generation to create a sustainable world for future generations - starting with the clothes we wear. We want to minimize the impact fashion has on our environment. Which is why we do what we do: design classic pieces for people who refuse to sacrifice on comfort or quality.



Our vision is to inspire people to live a sustainable lifestyle by choosing apparel that is both fashionable and environmentally conscious. From the clothing we wear, to the choices we make, we hope you will live consciously with this mantra in mind: to 

"Leave Nothing But Footprints"



To understand and be part of the slow fashion movement. We hope you will discover superior, environmentally-conscious fabrics like viscose from bamboo, which is kind to the environment and kind to our bodies.



Slow Fashion

Quality over quantity. It starts with choosing the highest quality raw materials, and creating pieces thoughtfully, and with a purpose.

Environmentally Conscious

We strive to reduce our ecological footprint by choosing sustainable processes. That means limiting packaging, working with suppliers who share our vision, and using long-lasting and durable fibres such as viscose from bamboo.

All bodies, for all women 

We aren't all one size. We all have unique bodies and that is something to be celebrated. We design every piece to be versatile for all shapes and sizes.





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