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Earth Award




We are thrilled to announce our Earth Award Winners for 2017. We received many applications & inspirational stories from amazing women striving to better the world around them. This year, we would like to acknowledge TWO women who, in their personal and professional ventures, have dedicated their time and compassion to make a difference in their communities.

Congratulations to Ann Gibson, founder of Upcycle Lifestyle 
Jana Girdauskas, founder of The Period Purse       





With her passion for sustainability and a goal to reduce consumer waste through reusable alternatives, Ann plans to use her award to purchase a cover stitch machine for Upcycle Lifestyle. This will allow her to expand her product line, giving consumers more environmentally-friendly clothing options for children, all while repurposing materials.

Click here to learn more about Ann Gibson & Up Cycle Lifestyle 



Jana is making a difference in bettering the lives of women experiencing homelessness by donating purses filled with menstrual products and hygiene items. Her goal is to actively enhance the physical health and emotional well-being of homeless women.  This award will help volunteers to deliver these purses to shelters and women's organizations around Toronto. 

Click here to learn more about Jana Girdauskas & The Period Purse 


Here are some of our past winners and their stories...


With the LNBF Earth Award, she hopes to organize more charity fundraisers to benefit the community. Currently she is planning a breast cancer benefit fashion show in which all proceeds will be donated to the Medicine Hat Health Foundation. She is most excited by the fact that her creations will not only help the environment, but also the women in her community.




Today, Angela still continues to knit milk bags and send them all over the world with the help of volunteers, children from 300 Canadian schools and Canada Food for Children (CFFC). Her next quest is to send milk bags to Burkina Faso, Africa, which continues to have one of the lowest literacy rates in the world, with girls’ literacy rates much lower than boys because of preferential schooling. With the funds from the LNBF Earth Award, Angela hopes to continue the project in Haiti and expand to Burkina Faso to help the women and girls there to create their own Milk Bags businesses.




Jill will use the funds from our Earth Award to build a new website, that will increase awareness around how business and the environment can co-exist. It will show visitors the type of green economy we can build, and give them the encouragement and aid necessary to take action.




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