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#Spotted in LNBF!

Posted on 18 April 2018

We'd like to take a moment to highlight some of the wonderful people who have made the bold choice of choosing ethical and sustainable choices to their everyday wardrobe! Here are our pieces seen on our community of sustainable bloggers for 2017.   





Together, Emily and Nick are a sustainable power couple ! This duo from Portland, Oregon are passionate about making the jump to choosing ethical brands and products.

See on their blog here how these newlyweds styled our pieces, from our Classic White Tee, Bridget Dress, to our bedsheets and what they experienced when they made the switch to bamboo!





Our 2017 brand ambassador Ava Grace is our favourite Toronto style mom! Fashionable and stylish, see her blog here as well as her Instagram and how she incorporates LNBF pieces into her daily routine.





For our collaboration with Ellie of Selflessly Styled, three ladies Chloe, Susan and Ellie wore three of our Olive Green pieces beautifully (and could barely change out of them afterwards!). Read the full story on their blog here of how they took one colour three ways.





Ethical enthusiasts over at Simply Liv + Co believe in intentional living and slow fashion. We adore how Olivia wore her Marigold Maxi Dress and Clara Tie Tunic around her house!  





Power couple and travel gurus Jill and Luke know how to trek the globe while staying stylish and hunting for clean, sustainable products! See how they styled our men's and women's' pieces in a minimalistic aesthetic here.

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