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10 Questions For the Conscious Dresser

Posted on 18 April 2018

As spring rolls around, we'd like to challenge you to reinvent your spring closet by asking yourself these 10 questions! Before you make your seasonal purchases, take a moment to think about the impact you make on the earth season after season.

1. Can I mix and match it?

Choose pieces that are easily interchangeable with each other! A pinstripe pant goes beautifully with both coloured and neutral tops. 

2. Does it last long?

Icon Collection Brenda U-Neck Tshirt Tee Bamboo LNBF Clothing Womens
With so many fast fashion brands, it's easy to settle for the $5 tee from the sale rack. But what if instead you invested in a tee that lasted for 5x the time of that 5$ tee, that doesn't necessarily cost 5x more? A win-win situation for the earth, your pocket, and your closet !

3. Is this a timeless silhouette?

 Pictured: Jessa T-Shirt Dress
The crew neck cut is the perfect example of a timeless sihlouette that has stood the test of the fashion ages. Choose pieces that you know will always be a closet staple, and pass on those pieces to the next generations to come.

4. Can I pair it with different shoes?

Swapping shoes is a great an easy way to make a dress seem like five dresses! A great spring dress is one that can be easily paired with sandals, heels, or flats!

5. Can I add statements to it?

Statement accessories are the perfect solution for staying relevant and trendy. Pair a neutral or striped top with a statement necklace, bag or hat for some fun!

6. Can I wear it on multiple occasions?

 Pictured: Millie Tank, Angela Overlay Skirt

We're all too familiar with running into bridal season and only being able to wear dresses once. Pieces like our Angela Overlay Skirt are the perfect solution! Simply swap tops, change heels, and voila, you've got an unlimited number of fresh yet sustainable options.

7. Can I pair it with my denim?

Image courtesy of
Pictured:   (Nick) Logan Long Sleeve Henley, (Emily) Brenda U-Neck Tee
Warm weather means denim season! Pairing a top or tee with a denim jacket or jeans is an easy fix for a fresh look. See here how Emily and Nick from style our basics!

8. Can I create a colour story?

Pastels Pink Purple Spring Tops Bamboo LNBF White Easter

Pictured: Spring 2018 Collection

Conscious dressing by no means should be short of colour! Since we all can predict that there will be pastels for spring, simply choose colours that you know you can rely on.

 9. Is this something I LOVE?

Esther Dress Olive Green Bamboo LNBF Womens

Image Courtesy of
The problem with shopping at the sale rack is that we make impulsive buys that often don't get worn at all. Before making the move, ask yourself, do I really LOVE this? Does it suit my style? Will I want to wear it tomorrow? See how these ladies over at Selflessly Styled choose versatile styles that they love.

10. Does it feel good when I wear it?

 Blogger Fashion Bamboo TShirt LNBF Womens Brenda U-Neck

Image courtesy of Sue Leung
Comfort is key. Regardless of the occasion! A great wardrobe piece should not only flatter you, but make you feel like a million dollars. Be kind to your body by dressing it with sustainable fabrics free of harmful substances and irritating elements such as poorly sewn zippers, back tags and side seams.

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